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Each week I take part in Five Minute Friday where I am given a one-word topic. I am to write for five minutes on the topic and then submit my writing unedited. The word for this week is Middle.

I stand in the middle of the road. At the end of the road stands Jesus with open arms, waiting. I walk toward him. There is peace, joy, calm. There is chaos around me, but I do not see it. It phases me, not as I keep my eyes on Him. Along the sides of the road stand buildings. People call out from the doorways, "Hey, look what I have in here." "Come see, what I have is better." "You know you want to be a part of this." They tempt the turning of my head. Sometimes, I look. I get interested. I step inside. Soon after, I get confused. Distracted. Lost. Where is my peace? Why can I not find joy? Ah, that is right. I stepped out of the middle of the road. Something caught my eye and turned my head. I find the middle once again and there He still stands with open arms, welcoming me still. He is not angry. He knows my weaknesses. There is the middle.

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