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I belong to a writing group called Five Minute Friday. Every Friday I am giving a one-word, writing prompt. The piece needs to be written within 5 minutes and posted without editing. The promt for this week is View.

Anxiety ran high due to the possibility of grizzly bear encounters, but I could not allow it to keep us from adventure. My husband and I flanked our children, bear spray dangling from the waist straps of our backpacks.

A quarter of the way into the hike I began to struggle. As the incline increased, my air supply decreased. This was not being out of breath from exercise, this was the thin air of altitude. I was surround by trees, but their gift of oxygen was withheld from my lungs. I stopped, bent over and heaved. Many walked by without struggle. Why was I?

“Let’s go back,” my husband said. I looked at my kids. My son, ready to bow out of the experience for my sake, seemed content with a change of plans. I could not read my daughter, but I do know their eyes were on me. “I did not hike a mile in to hike a mile out for no good reason.” We pushed on.

The darkness of the forest slowly opened to darts of light shooting through the trees. Hikers passed with encouragement, the end was not much farther. The sky opened and warmed my face as the breathtaking scenery revealed itself.

Before taking it all in, I turned to my children and said, “There will be pain and struggle In this life but the view on the other side will always be worth it. Do not ever give up.”

Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park

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6 Kommentare

Sandra K Stein
Sandra K Stein
21. Aug. 2022

You must have been glad you stuck it out when you saw the view. Not sure I could have done the same. Not being able to breathe is a very scary feeling.

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Gefällt mir

Kathryn Gardner
Kathryn Gardner
21. Aug. 2022

Good on you for pushing through Tina and giving your kids a valuable lesson. I'm sure you appreciated the view even more because of the struggle. Thanks for sharing. Kath, your FMF neighbour at #18 this week.

Gefällt mir

Andrew Budek-Schmeisser
Andrew Budek-Schmeisser
20. Aug. 2022

And so your lungs are bursting

for want of breathing air,

just as some hearts are thirsting

for love and tender care.

And so my gut is bleeding

out inside of me,

as distant folk are needing

to be unchained and free.

We cannot give those others aid,

for we're not in their presence,

but something of life can be made

example of their essence

if our complaint we to restrain

that light may shine upon their pain.

Gefällt mir

Anna Gibson
Anna Gibson
20. Aug. 2022

I love the gumption you model to your kids!

Gefällt mir
20. Aug. 2022
Antwort an

Thank you, Anna. They will probably never know it was one of the hardest things I had to push through.

Gefällt mir

Barbara Hegreberg
Barbara Hegreberg
19. Aug. 2022

I'm so glad you stuck it out!

Gefällt mir

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