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The Remedy Restores My Soul

I take part in a writer's group called Five Minute Fridays. They gave us one word and have to write to that topic for only 5 minutes with no edits. This week's word is Remedy.

As the years move on, I find my need for refuge and rebirth is something I cannot ignore. I can take small breaks here and there and allow myself to rest, but the momentary respites are never enough to fully recharge my batteries. There is only one place I can go to gain that status, Shenandoah.

Once every two years, my family and I plan a trip from Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a family vacation. The views are spectacular and the cool mountain air is refreshing, but that is not why I go. It is the trees.

There is something about the sound of the rustling of the leaves in a deciduous forest. The leaves on the trees in Florida do not make these sounds. When deciduous trees pair with the mountain breeze, it is as if God is whispering to me through His creation. It is one remedy that restores my soul.

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