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No longer scream to be heard

(I take part in a weekly writing program called Five Minute Friday. We are given a writing prompt and have 5 minutes to write on that word. We are then to submit our writing unedited. This week's word is: Announce)

How long have you screamed to be heard? Since you were a child? Since you got married? Since you became a parent? I have been screaming since I was five years old. That screaming followed me into my adult life, even though I no longer needed to do so. This behavior lead to bossiness, which did less for building relationships and more at pushing people away. That is what part of me wanted, anyway. Accept me, then leave me alone. Selfishness.

There was a time I had to scream. Amid family arguments, no one notices when the children are drowning. The child is not aware there is a need for a life preserver, just that chaos abounds. You scream to climb aboard the inflatable raft and then hang on for the ride. I clung by my fingernails even after it was no longer needed, when I would lash out to let the world know it was never to hurt me. And it is because I know I am not alone in this that I encourage us all to say, "Enough."

It is time to ANNOUNCE that we will no longer scream for significance, to discipline, to communicate, to demand love or acceptance. It is time for us to rest. Speak your words softly and allow the consequences to fall into place, for us and for others. Nothing speaks louder than silence. Not the cold shoulder, but no more grabbing at the bait dangling before us, demanding a response. Let them be right. Let them win their debates. Let them feel your absence because you will not take part in the chaos, not one more moment. Rest. Be Still.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; Psalm 46:10

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

His name exhaulted, not mine.

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1 Comment

Dec 17, 2021

Hi Tina. I worked in a "man's" profession for 30 years and had to "scream" to be acknowledged. Turns out people don't like that. That modus operandi only hurt in the long run. Now that I'm retired, I'm finally learning there's a better way. Wish I would have trusted God sooner. Nice post. Merry Christmas! Visiting from FMF.


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