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  • T.L. Pizor


Know Your Worth

Hand on my belly,

your knitting room.

Who would appear

at the end of God's loom?

Beauty was born

the day my heart expelled out,

announcing your birth

on high with a shout.

You in a swaddle

peering at me.

My insecurities

I feared you would see.

There's so much to teach you.

I'll show you the world,

but the world is not kind

to beautiful girls.

You grew, and you grew.

We watched with delight,

'til I noticed you downcast,

taking only small bites.

World told you your size

was never top tier.

You must suck it in further

to be worthy here.

My sweet baby girl

don't believe those lies.

Worth has nothing to do

with the size of your thighs.

You radiate His goodness.

He paid your price.

Know your worth

comes from His sacrifice.

You study His Word.

Where these lies coming from?

"You have to say this

because you're my mom."

I speak only truth.

Don't yourself be a hater,

previously known

by the Creator.

No diet or plank

will fill up that hole.

Your heart has a space,

only one owns that soul.

Where I see beauty

you see imperfection.

I'll tell you again,

you are His reflection.

Ignore that enemy

says you have no honor.

It's time to suit up

and put on that armor.

God didn't leave you

alone in the saddle.

He fights beside you

like a comrade in battle.

Put on that belt,

which rests on the truth.

The enemy will pay

with an eye or a tooth.

You do have a choice

I don't want to hear it.

Reach down for that hilt

of the sword of the spirit.

Your soul is worth much,

this mood is intense.

Satan fights to steal

all confidence.

Don your armor

let that light shine.

Your beauty is unmatched,

Sweet Daughter of Mine!

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