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My Anchor Holds True

Why do I allow myself to drift? No reason, just drift. I have security and everything I need. Then, curiosity getting the best of me, I turn my head to something that seems harmless, entertaining, "better". Something intriguing is on the horizon. I peruse some more, explore further, all the while drifting. Soon, I forget I am tethered and sail full speed ahead.

My anchor stays put. The rope seems to be longer, as I can drift for quite some time. Eventually, I get lost in my new surroundings, thoughts, and views and am reminded of my place when the rope pulls taut. There is this inertia which occurs when a boat drifts to the end of its rope. There is a tug, a pause, and then a drift back in the direction it should have remained. That tug hold weight, often painful but so necessary, but I am grateful. It is the only action that pulls me back in the right direction.

My Anchor? Allow me to tell you about my Anchor. Its powerful grip will always overpower my ability to drift too far. It protects and lovingly holds me. It says to me, "The waves may come and attempt to shake and pull you from my grasp, but I am stronger than the wind and the tides. Rest in my safe harbor. And even though there are times you may forget I am here, imbedded in the sand, holding you in place, I will never forget the promise I made to you, to never let you go."

How grateful I am for the Anchor, who may not always be clear in my vision but ever-present still. Thank you for tugging me back into your lapping waves of grace.

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Wonderful! "Lapping waves of grace" <3


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